Why does my car sound like a helicopter

Why does my car sound like a Helicopter? | Yahoo Answers My car was fine for most of the day until midway through my drive to school it started to sound like there was a helicopter hovering overhead.my car sounds like a helicopter - YouTube trying to diagnose this sound on my 95 626 lx v6.Why does my car sound like a tractor - YouTube Sounds like a tractor - Продолжительность: 1:06 Jarkko Ikola 4 914 просмотров.Bottome of vehicle makes a helicopter sound when driving .. Q: When I am driving around 10-20 mph, the vehicle sounds like it is a helicopter.Why Does my Car Sound Like an Airplane? If your car sounds like an airplane taking off, you could have a serious mechanical problem that needs attention as soon as possible. If you notice it gets worse when you go changeWhy does my petrol car sound like a diesel car? - Daily Monitor Cars, like people, communicate when something is wrong. All cars make some sort of noise, which is characteristic of their performance and is familiarWhy does my car suddenly sound like a motorboat? It sounds like a motorboat or a go-cart. There is no change in performance, it doesn't hesitate, stall, or anything like that.My car sounds like an airplane. Why? | Parkside Motors Why does my car sound like an airplane? You would be shocked at how often we hear this one! Sometimes it can be tricky to diagnoseWater pump replaced then engine sounds like helicopter My car is a 2006 Infiniti G35x, 96k miles. I live in CT & initially when car broke down it was in MA.Why Does This F-150 Sound Like a Helicopter? - F150online.com It sounds like there is a helicopter hovering over the truck, and it only happens when coasting or braking. It goes away under acceleration.Why Does My Car Sound Like An Airplane? Here, we will discuss the possible symptoms of why does a car sound like an airplane and its possible solutions.What sound does a helicopter make Does Cher Lloyd sound like a helicopter? Aha. i like what your did there... in her song 'Want U back' , at the end of the single, she makes a funny noise by vibrating her lips... like a helicopter flying or taking …off. she then says "do i sound like a helicopter?"*Why does my car sound like a motorcycle? When starting up my car it sounds like a motorcycle also when my foot is pressing down on the gas pedal its louder you can hear me coming downsounds - Word for the noise made by a helicopter? - English... Why do helicopter blades make the choppy sound they do when they are spinning around at a constant speed?What does it sound like flying a helicopter? - Quora As a pilot, I hear helicopter sounds differently than passengers who aren’t trained to listen. For example, I know what the engine is supposed to sound like, and it will spin the rotors at a constant speed, so the engine sounds pretty constantly pitched. When the pitch in the engine is changing...