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Which of these answers best defines a novella Answers.com® Categories Literature & Language Books and Literature Literary Terminology Which of these answers best defines a novella?Which of these answers best defines a novel This is a question that's answer will be purely based on opinion, however i do feel that Hound of the Baskervilles is the best novel.Which of these answers best defines climax Answers.com® Categories Literature & Language Which of these answers best defines climax?Which of these answers best defines a short story Answers.com® Categories Literature & Language Languages and Cultures English Language Definitions Which of these answers best definesWhat best defines a novella Which of these answers best define a novella? There are two main definitions of novella.Novel - Wikipedia This sort of romance is in turn different from the genre fiction love romance or romance novel.Novella Definition. The meaning of Novella - Word Panda noun novella (formerly) a short narrative tale, esp a popular story having a moral or satirical point, such as those in Boccaccio's Decameron 0.Novella - Wikipedia Despite these problems, however, the novella's length provides unique advantages; in the introduction to a novella anthology titled Sailing to Byzantium, Robert Silverberg writesWhich of These Answers Best Defines a Novel? - Asdnyi the definition of which. Finderchem.com. Related Links: Cholesterol Acetate Cholesterol Nonanoate Cholesterol Oil Ester.Novella - Examples and Definition of Novella Definition and a list of Novella examples from literature.What is the difference between a Novel and... | Yahoo Answers Best Answer: The diff is one of length. A novella is a narrative work of prose fiction somewhat longer than a short story but shorter than a novel.Differences Between a Short Story, Novelette, Novella... | Owlcation Novellas and novelettes might not be very common, but we often see short stories and novels. Knowing the differences, however, is still important.Which of these words best describes Slytherin House?, Harry Potter... Which of these spells is most similar to flipe..World's Greatest Novellas (515 books) | Flag this list World's Greatest Novellas. A novella is a fictional prose narrative, as a rule of thumb more than 20,000 but fewer than 50,000 words in length. These boundaries are approximate, as there is no generally agreed definition of a novella other than that it is of intermediate length.Which of the following best defines the nervous system? 0 Answers/Comments. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.