What to do with hair after braids

5 Things You MUST Do After Taking Down Braids – Ijeoma Kola But what should you do with your hair AFTER taking down braids?What to do after taking braids down! - YouTube In This Video I show: -How I take my braids down -Tips on how to take braids down -What my hair looks like after all the braids are gone -What my hair looks like after i washed out my PROTEIN treatment, Shampoo and Conditioner -What i do to my hair after washing (braidout).4 Things You Should Do To Care For Your Hair After Removing Braids However, do you know what to do after removing braids? Here are 4 easy tips you should try to care for your natural hair after taking down yourHow To Take Care Of Hair After Braids - Essence Getting your hair braided and leaving it tucked away for weeks can be quite an euphoric experience, but the effort to take down protective styling is often overlooked.4 Ways to Curl Hair with Braids - wikiHow Curled hair can be a great look for a night out or a special event, but it can be time consuming to do with a curling iron or rollers. You can get soft, wavyMy Experience with Box Braids - College Fashion | What do you think? Wash your hair before. Many braiding places expect you to show up with freshly washed and conditioned hair. It’s good to know that ahead of time so that you can make the process as smoothI Swapped My Straight Hair for 4 Months of Braids, and Here's What... After my hair was braided, Anta dipped the ends into a steaming pot of water to seal together the loose ends.Caring for Your Hair after Removing Box Braids What you need to do after removing box braids. Box braids are cute and all, and they’re a great long term protective hairstyle, that is until it’s time to take themWhat Sleeping In Braids To Create Overnight Waves Did To 12... Sleeping in braids to wake up with wavy hair is arguably the most common hack for an ~effortless~ 'do: Pinterest is littered with highly convincing before photos of bloggers in pigtails, followed by an after of big, bouncy waves; tutorials rave about this heat-free way to get tousled curls while you peacefully...Your all-you-need-guide on How to do Box Braids - Black Hair Spot DO. Cover your braids with a silk or satin scarf before you go to bed. Another alternative is to get silk or satin pillows. Wash your hair at least once or twice aDry and frizzy hair after using straighteners and what to do with it Home> Hair Questions> Questions about Hair Straightening>. Dry and frizzy hair after using straighteners. Q: I have recently been to theWhat to do with greasy hair? 8 fixes and tips that will help Another tip on what to do with greasy hair is to grab a handful of paper towels and dab them on the greasiest parts of your hair. It will blot some of thatEasy How To Do Box Braids, Step By Step | More from Hair The last time I had box braids was around the summer of '97. I didn't hate them, but I didn't love them (granted, this might have been due to the very '90s bobbed length I was forced to get), but after seeing my cousin pull aHow Do You Make Your Braids Curly or Wavy? | Braiding Bee When you make big braids in your hair and leave them in until your hair sets (sometimes using styling products, until it dries) and then unravel the braid, its called a “braid-out.”