Unable to get grease gun off fitting

How To Remove A Grease Gun From Grease Connector If Stuck Old Broken Grease Gun RESTORATION - Продолжительность: 16:22 Random Hands 374 418 просмотров.Can't get the grease gun off the grease fitting..am I retarded? | Forum I was having a heck of a time getting the grease gun off of some of the fitting. It slipped on them easy, but them when I finished pumping the grease fitting just would not let go. There must be a trick that I just don't know.Grease gun gets stuck on zerk fitting | Forum It will pump grease into fitting on 1991 E350 but it doesn't want to release. Have to wiggle and yank (the gun, not myself) to get it off of the fitting. Quit after two fittings as I was afraid it would get stuck for sure.Anyone else have a hard time removing a grease gun from the zerk... Heads up... you need to take pressure off of the fitting by loosening/wrenching the coupler body on the gun tip. That's the gist.How do I grease this u-joint [picture]? - YotaTech Forums I put in a u-joint in that had a zerk fitting on it, but I was not able to grease it with a standard grease gun that had a flexible end on it.Foster fitting problem?? - Airgun Nation I'll pull the fitting off tonight and look into the top of the degassed reservoir. see if I can't pull out any debris or "gunk" that may be blocking the inlet.LockNLube Grease Coupler | End Greasing Frustration The long-lasting, reliable way to End Greasing Frustration. Grease tips that really work.Whoops, we couldn't find that. Sorry, we're unable to complete your request.Grease fittings not taking grease. What to... | Heavy Equipment Forums Does grease leak out of where the zerk/grease gun fitting connect, or does the gun build pressure and it just stalls, and then you have to fight theWhat gun or fitting to get grease into u joint? | Tacoma World I have a pretty standard grease gun . Push hard metal line on to zerk and pump. Im have a hard time getting to the Front Zerk next to the transferGrease Fittings | eBay Fits standard Grease Guns - 1/8” NPT fitting.How to Load a Grease Gun: 11 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow Grease guns are used to apply viscous lubricant onto moving mechanical parts, used commonly in machine shops and garages. Properly lubricating moving metal parts helps to increase the service life of machines and avoid abrasions. Grease lubricant is applied with a grease gun, available at most...How to Use a Grease Gun | DoItYourself.com Pneumatic grease guns - Air powered gun where compressed air in the gun—directed by hoses—forces the grease through the outlet.