Swhere is bill gates building a used uranium reactor

Bill Gates' TerraPower developing molten-chloride nuclear reactor TerraPower, a nuclear-energy company founded by Bill Gates, is building a molten-chloride fast reactor thatTerraPower - Wikipedia By using depleted uranium as fuel, the new reactor type could reduce stockpiles from uranium enrichment.[7] TerraPowerBill Gates in Search of Nuclear Nirvana - Scientific American Blog... Bill Gates originally became famous (and rich) for co-founding Microsoft; more recentlySix Years After Fukushima, Robots Finally Find Reactors’ Melted... Tepco used underwater robots that finally found the melted uranium fuel inside Unit 3, another reactor that was destroyed.Building a more efficient nuclear fission reactor - NextBigFuture.com Unlike other reactors that convert uranium 238, the TWR is able to directly use the newly created fuel, without needing any reprocessing to extract theBuilding The Next Generation of Nuclear Reactors “In 2006 Bill Gates and an initial group of visionary backers began searching for a scalable, low-carbon, and cost competitive energy solution.Where Does Uranium Come From? Before its use in a reactor, uranium must undergo four major processing steps to convert it from its raw state to a usable fuel source: mining and millingBill Gates and China partner on world-first nuclear technology Bill Gates' nuclear firm TerraPower and the China National Nuclear Corporation have signed an agreement to develop a world-first nuclear reactor, using other nuclear reactors' waste. TerraPower chairman Bill Gates and Chinese premier Li Keqiang signed a joint venture agreement to create the...What is Uranium? How Does it Work - World Nuclear Association For reactors which use natural uranium as their fuel (and hence which require graphite or heavy water as a moderator) the U 3 O 8 concentrate simply needs to be refined and converted directly to uranium dioxide.Bill Gates' Dream for a Nuclear-Powered Future Is Almost Here Could reactors that consume nuclear waste developed by General Electric, TerraPower, and Babcock & WilcoxBill Gates Wants Power, Nuclear... - The LockerGnome Daily Report Bill Gates wants to be a nuclear power player and has forged a deal with his company, Terra Power, and Toshiba to develop nuclear energy using new technology known as ‘traveling-waveBill Gates Making Progress On Next Generation Of Nuclear Power... Now nuclear reactors will enter that list. Bill Gates looks on as Lee McIntire, CEO of Gates’ nuclear technology company, TerraPowerTerraPower, CNNC team up on travelling wave reactor The TWR is a liquid sodium-cooled fast reactor that uses depleted or natural uranium as fuel.