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´╗┐Case Report Journal | International Journal of Case Reports and... . About The . is an , peer reviewed, open access Updated List of High Journal Impact Factor Case Report Journals As per available about 75 , 550 Conferences, 700 workshops are presently dedicated exclusively to about 6,20000 articl.Journal of Clinical Images and Case Reports - High Impact Factor... About the . Clinical and is an peer reviewed and open access that aims to publish clinicalHow to choose the best journal for your case report | Journal of... Since the establishment of the Medical in 2006, the number of that publish has increased rapidly, and most of these are open access.Impact Factor of Journal Of Visual Communication And Image... 2016 : 2.164.International Journal of Surgery Case Reports | RG Impact... RG : 0.73 *. *This value is calculated using ResearchGate data and is based onJournal of case reports and studies... 2018.International Journal Impact Factor (IJIF) is instituted for providing of with the assistance of its increasing number of database.International Journal of Molecular Science (IJMS) Impact Factor... The 2011 for IJMS is 2.598 (up from 2.279). Professor Charles Brennan (Lincoln University, NZ), the Editor-in-Chief, proudly says "During the last four years the has consistently increased its due to the world-class quality of manuscripts from premier authors, and...International Journal of Surgery Case Reports Impact Factor No infomation for this .International Journal of Case Studies | Global Impact Factor Publishers can ask the status of their after 7 days by mailing at: [email protected] Annual membership fee is of just 40 Dollars for existing members and they can renewJournal of Case Reports Dr. Manish Narang. Editor-In-Chief, .International Journal of Diagnostic Imaging | CASE REPORTS This is an , open access, peer-reviewed that publishes related to clinical practice for medical professionals.Journal Imapact Factor (JIFACTOR) The () provides a reflecting tools for ranking, categorizing, evaluating, and comparing various /IJMI-IP International Journal of Maxillofacial Imaging-IP Innovative... :-1.31.FAQs - Journal of Medical Imaging and Case Reports Ideally, to receive an , Thomson Reuters Scientific considers having at least two years of consistent and efficient standard publishing history. When becomes available for the , it will be clearly indicated in the home page.International Journal of Research (IJR) | ISSN 2348-6848... Other examples of articles include peer reviews, studies, scholarly articles, scientific andJournal Evaluation | International Innovative Journal Impact Factor... While evaluating the for (), scientific quality of plays significant role in the process. It contributes about 25 percent of total contribution in the evaluation process. It includes various parameters like editorial quality, quality of reviewers or review process...Journal Impact Factor () is a measure reflecting the average number of citations to articles published in , books, patent document, thesis, project , news papers, conference/ seminar proceedings, documents published in internet, notes and any other approved documents.