Can you sue someone for emotional damage

How to Sue for Emotional Distress | LegalMatch Law Library Whether you can recover damages for emotional distress in a lawsuit will depend upon state laws and the facts of the case. An emotional distress claim is usually brought by plaintiffs who have suffered extreme emotional suffering and trauma resulted from an intentional or accidental injury.Can you sue your ex-girlfriend for emotional damages? - Quora If you could successfully sue her for emotional damages, then the reverse would also be true. Now going one step further, supposeHow to Sue for Emotional Distress (with Pictures) - wikiHow In most cases, you can only sue for emotional damages if the incident in question physically harmed you.So When Can You Sue for Emotional Distress? - Common Law But emotional distress damages are actually only awarded in very specific situations.Can I Sue Someone for Emotional Distress? | LegalMatch explains that there are two ways to sue for emotional distress.Can you sue a person after they have plead gulity for a crime can you... "Emotional damages" is not a cause of action. If you do have a civil claim against them, theirCan You Successfully Sue Someone for Mental Anguish? If the plaintiff was damaged emotionally by the defendant’s malicious actions, he may be able to sue for intentional infliction of emotional distress.Can I Sue if Someone Kills or Hurts My Dog? And suing someone or taking them to court may be an option for you. Can you sue someone for killing or injuring your dog or other pet?Can I sue someone for verbal and emotional abuse? Can I sue someone gave me verbal abuse, threaten and harassCan You Sue for Emotional Pain and Suffering? The short answer is, yes, you can sue for emotional pain and suffering.Most I can sue someone for Emotional... | How much can I sue someone for Mental Anguish and Emotional Distress? The situation has caused drama in my life, situations where I feel I cant even go to certain places in public anymore, emotional hurt to the point where I'm currently going to therapy now, and have had to go to court several times.Can You Sue Your Parents for Long-Term Physical and Emotional... I've seen other topics on here like "Suing your parents won't make things better" which I understand. I'm in therapy long term which I can barely afford because I'm an adult. The result of their abuse cause severe psychological damage long term.Can I Sue My Ex-Boyfriend for Emotional Distress Due to Domestic... Emotional distress is usually one aspect of pain and suffering that the judge may award in