Can you fly after having stent fitted

How soon can you fly after having a heart stent fitted I have just had a heat attack 3 days ago and a stent put in.. how long before i can fly in a plane ??? ...How soon can i fly after having stents fitted... :: GoFTP Answers - Flying after a stent fitted. I forgot bto tell my insurance company i have recommenced driving following my angioplasty and stenting?Can i fly after haveing stent fitted - hello, Can i fly... :: GoFTP Answers Can i fly on plane after having angioplasty and stent?Can You Fly During the First Trimester? | LoveToKnow The risks of flying are in proportion to the potential physical damage that it may cause. Bear in mind that during the first trimester the most basic of development occurs.Can I fly after a catheterization, angioplasty or stent procedure? A blood clot in the stent, called stent thrombosis, can occur -- but is a low frequency event. Rates after the first month are quite low and are often associatedWhen Can You Exercise After Stent Placement? | After a stent is placed, you are normally prescribed an anti-clotting medication for a period to avoid life-threatening blood clots.How soon are heart patients safely fit to fly? | Heart Sisters After uncomplicated elective (non-emergency) cardiac catheterization (angioplasty, with or without stent implants), patients can fly after a few days.How soon after a pacemaker is fitted, can I fly? - Quora It has an antenna(lead) which carries heart signal from the heart to the pacemaker receiver/transmitter and impulses from the pacemaker receiver/transmitter(box, can, etc.) to the heart. Once the device is stable in the body they are usually highly reliable. When they are first implanted...Chest Pain after having Stent | Rehabilitate Your Heart Chest pain following successful balloon angioplasty or stent is a common problem. Although the development of chest pain after coronary interventions may be not a problem, it is disturbing to patients, relatives and hospitalchest pain after stent - Heart Disease - MedHelp | Have an Answer? Prior to the stent I had been extremely athletic. Even after coronary ischemic attacks which began just before the angioplasty, I passed stress test with flyingFlying after stent surgery - Answers on HealthTap ...on flying after stent surgery: As long as no gas was placed at the tine of your cataract surgery (which would be rare) then there is no restriction on flyingDr. Srinivas Attanti talking about Life after stent placement - YouTube You're viewing YouTube in Russian. You can change this preference below.Stent: Purpose, Procedure, and Risks A stent is a tube that your doctor inserts into a blocked passageway, such as a blood vessel, to keep it open. Stents are made of either metal or plastic