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Alaska Sushi Rolls - A Taste Sensation! | Recipes | SushiSushi The is a great international (non Japanese) dish.California and Alaska Sushi Rolls * The Homesteading Hippy The is a variant of the California , and both traditionally have raw salmon. are using smoked or leftover grilled salmon more for taste and texture than safety, to be honest.Alaska Roll | Everyday Sushi 8 pcs. Everyday Restaurant opens its doors to all fans of high-quality Japanese cuisine.Alaska Roll | Sushi Maki Maki - Japanese restaurant, which offers a wide range of classic and delicious , meat and fish dishes cooked on theAlaska Roll | Momo Sushi Momo opens its doors to all fans of high-quality Japanese cuisine. Order online to try Japanese dishes toFresh Sushi Rolls & Combinations: Kennewick, WA: Aki Sushi . Come Dine With .Whitehorse Sushi Combos, Tuna Rolls, Alaska Rolls | Sushi & Sashimi and sashimi are what have made Golden Sakura the go-to Japanese destination in Yukon.Sushi Menu – Fuji | 1. Big Mouth Roll 1. (Hot,mild). Inside: Salmon, cucumber, avocado, scallion. 6.95.Sunny’s Sushi Rolls – Sunny’s Sushi | Alaska Roll . 11.95. California , fresh salmon & avocado on top.Sushi Bar Menu - Akai Hana | Akai-Hana Specialty Roll offer you a wide variety of Japanese cuisines. Check out here and give your eyes a feast with our bar menus here in Akai Hana.Alaska* Roll | Sushi Creek I Hate . Home. About .Sushi recipe: Alaska Roll or Salmon Avocado roll . 1 7-10 oz package smoked salmon kippers 1 avocado 3 Seaweed sheets 3 cups cooked and prepared rice. 2 Table spoons sesame seeds (optional) optional: 1 cucumber.Sushi Haven | Alaska Roll . . Salmon, Avocado, Cucumber. Contains 8 pieces.Ichiban Sushi - New Port Richey in FL | Alaska Roll . Salmon, avocado, cucumber.Tokyo Sushi Bar (E Fowler) - Tampa in FL | Alaska Roll Order online for takeout: from Tokyo Bar (E Fowler) - Tampa. Serving the best Japanese in Tampa, FL. - Salmon, Smelt Roe, Avocado.